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Big Apple Jazz Tour Options

Advance purchase required tours often sell out in advance!

Harlem Juke Joint Tour:    $99 each

NYC Jazz Walking Tour to see Donald Smith at St. Nick's Pub.- Our most popular tour!
- Intimate and Immersive Walking Tour
- Meets/Ends near hotel district
- Typical group size:8 guests or fewer
- Starts at 6:30PM
- Meals available but not included

- 4/5-hours

We take the "A" Train from Columbus Circle to Harlem to hear the best musicians bring 
down the house in at least 2, but most often 3 different hidden jazz haunts. Your jazz guide has been on the scene for ages and will make you feel like part of the uptown jazz family.  It's an immersive experience, so mix and mingle with Harlem's jazz greats; and instantly become an intimate among the most impressive jazz fans in the world.  There's plenty of Harlem jazz history to soak in along the way.  6 nights a week - and all nights are great for jazz!

Three diverse clubs, hours of live music and fascinating jazz history are included in this jam packed walking tour


Greenwich Village Jazz Crawl:     $99 each

Jazz Club Tour Greenwich Village NYC- Intimate Walking Tour
- Meets/Ends in the Village
- Typical group size:8 guests or fewer
- Starts at 5:45/6:45PM
- Food usually not available  

- 4-hours

There is a section of Greenwich Village that played host to Count Basie, Coleman Hawkins and Billie Holiday in the 30's; Charles Mingus, Max Roach, and Charlie Parker in the 50's; John Coltrane, Wes Montgomery, and Donald Byrd in the 60's. And today, the hottest jazz players in the world circulate among a dozen or so underground clubs where the excitement never stops if you know where to go and who to hear.

Three hand-picked clubs, hours of live music and bits of history are included in this jam packed, intimate walking tour. 


'Round Midnight with Amanda   $125 each

Round Midnight with Amanda - Big Apple Jazz Tours- Intimate Walking Tour
- Meets uptown in a Harlem Cafe
- Typical group size: 8 guests or fewer
- Starts at 9PM
- Food usually available but not included

Get introduced to Harlem nightlife on the arm of someone who knows where it's at.  On some nights we visit the legendary "Birthplace of Bebop," Minton's Playhouse - a jazz shrine on a hidden Harlem street that really comes alive when the moon gets high! Other nights we head up to Sugar Hill for a completely hidden jam session that only insiders know anything about. Enjoy at least two sets of world class jazz on this unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime chance to dive into Harlem's greatest live jazz scene with a Red Hot Jazz and Blues Diva - Amanda!

Two to Three swinging clubs, hours of live music, and stunning history are included in this fun-filled, intimate walking tour of Harlem with Amanda.


Legends of Jazz Tour
  $139 each

Dr. Lonnie Smith / Jonathan Kreisberg, photo by Gordon Polatnick- Taxi / Walking Tour
- Meets in an Eastside Hotel
- Typical group size: 4 guests or fewer
- Tours begin at 8:45PM
- Meals usually available but not included
- 4-hours

There's no other city in the world that can offer a tour like this one.  With so many great players and historic clubs to choose from in the Big Apple, this tour takes you right to the swingingest, hand-picked, legendary show of the night - Just the right band, in just the right club!  Then we follow that up with a second set of music in an atmospheric, underground jazz haunt  to thrill to the sound of a less-well known star on the horizon. We've been going out to discover jazz nightly for over 20 years, so we have great insight into the most thrilling players around.  On the Legends of Jazz tour you find out exactly why NYC is the world capital of jazz, and you may be discovering the next Miles Davis or Billie Holiday with us.

Visit two hand-picked clubs for two sets of some of the greatest improvised live music being played anywhere in the USA.


PRIVATE JAZZ TOUR   $400/per group +  expenses

Big Apple Jazz Tour backstage with Anita O'Day- Customized exclusively for you.
- Starting at $400 for the whole group.
- $100/per hour added after the first 4-hours.
- We begin and end the tour where and when you want.
- We will work within your budget, without sacrificing anything musically.

This tour is custom-designed for a personalized experience. Guests choosing the Private Tour option get an exclusive, authentic experience with all the right touches to make it fit you, your tastes, and your desires.  We take great pride in offering top shelf customer service.  Timing, transportation,
dining, atmosphere, budget are all worked out in advance according to your wishes.  Reserve the date for a total of $400 for
the first 4-hours of guide service, and all other expenses can be paid on the night of the tour directly to the vendors.

We will listen to all your ideas and put our 30-years of manifesting authentic, immersive experiences into creating one exclusively for you!  Our expert guides are selected to match your needs as well.  

Private tours can be day or night for as long as you like.   Live jazz can be heard in great clubs starting as early as 6PM certain nights, and can go as late as 4AM.  We can meet you anywhere in the city or at the first club, and take any type of transportation you like to get around.


Or Get in touch right now and speak to Gordon: *US Mobile Phone: +1(917) 863-7854   EMAIL

Great Day in Harlem Tour w/ Soul Food    $149

apollo theater Harlem photo by Gordon Polatnick for Big Apple Jazz Tours- The Most Comprehensive Jazz Tour of Harlem
- Sundays Only
- Group Bookings Only - minimum: 8 Guests

- Mini-busTour
- 4-hours
- Up to 24 guests

Call /
EMAIL Gordon for more info: +1 917 863-7854

Best for large groups:  8 - 24 guests  
Only $149.00 each  
(Discounted tickets for kids - $100)

Includes: 1 set of live music, soulful soul food dinner, comprehensive tour of Harlem's current jazz scene and all historic jazz sites.  Chance to join the jam session as singer or soloist.  Mix and mingle with Harlem's jazz greats and the best jazz fans in the world.  See the sites of Savoy Ballroom, Cotton Club, Minton's Playhouse, Tree of Hope, Great Day in Harlem townhouse, Small's Paradise, Connie's Inn, Apollo Theater, Jazz Walk of Fame, Swing Street (Jungle Alley).

This tour is for the most curious and passionate jazz fans who want to see and hear about all the major historical jazz sites, and check out one set of live jazz in Harlem.  Private tours can be organized as well with this itinerary; and can include a visit to a gospel service in a Harlem Church for 1-hour.

Short Cuts to Our Booking Page

Private Tours
 $400 per group for customized tour, 4-hour minimum  info

Harlem Juke Joint Tour
  $99 - walking tour, 4/5-hours, up to 8 guests   info

Greenwich Village Jazz Crawl
  $99 - walking tour, 4-hours, up to 10 guests    info

'Round Midnight with Amanda
  $125 - walking tour, 4-hours, up to 15 guests    info

Legends of Jazz Tour
  $139 - taxi/walking tour, 3/4-hours, Average 2-6 guests    info

Great Day in Harlem Tour with soul food - group or private bookings only
   $149 - Mini-Bus
Tour, 4-hours, up to 24 guests 

Call /
EMAIL Gordon Polatnick for more info +1 917 863-7854 

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Student Group Jazz Tour
customized, all grades  --   4-hour minimum   info

  customized, Corporate, Family, Social, Reunion,  Groups,  --   4-hour minimum   info

Something more exciting and immersive awaits your group when you sign up for a Big Apple Jazz Tour.  
Our group clients range from New York's top law firms, corporations, and DMC's to Long Island and New Jersey Senior Centers. Whether it's sight-seeing, live music and dinner, upscale venues, or back alley jam sessions, we are expert in showing you a good time in a way you never dreamed possible.  Immersive, Intimate, and Totally Authentic.

Call / EMAIL Gordon Polatnick for more info +1 917 863-7854 


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