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LA Weekly Performance Pick of the Week review for the L.A. premiere of "Diary of a Narcissist " at the Actor' Gang Theater Oct. 26 & 27, 1999

"Diary of a Narcissist, Iris Lord's psychedelic spoken word opera, follows the story of a narcissist engaged in a turbulent battle with her own superego over her soul. Described as a muse to the New York City underground art community, Iris Lord is just the performer to reinvent archaic ritual, balancing classical tragic descent against modern ironies. Diary of a Narcissist is a synthesis of poetry, song, dance and theater.

To the mix, Lord adds her self-cultivated, visceral brand of piano playing, conjuring melodies that caper on the fragile divide between 12-note tonality and discordance. Diary of a Narcissist pulsates with a dark eroticism that coils like a serpent around social and political themes, reaching toward elusive truths and wisdom. Stylistically drawing from influences such as Brecht, Artaud, Brook, Living Theater, Grotowski, rooted in a musical field of jazz and blues. . . at once a reflection of ourselves and a definitive portrait of a woman's struggle to unveil her identity.

Told through a soulful amalgamation of movement and music with piercing prose, Iris Lord's narrative folds in on itself, wrapped in layers of blues-based rhythms and ethereal dream tones to engage the audience directly in a kind of spiritual catharsis. Iris' protagonist transforms herself from the narcissist to the integrated wise woman. Diary of a Narcissist should leave its audience spellbound."~

Luis Reyes LA WEEKLY


Described as "the wave of the future", Iris and company have created a unique new form of performance...  "cubist expressionism". 





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