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Historic Lenox Ave. Harlem Jazz Clubs

The following list give the addresses of other jazz clubs that are no longer found in Harlem, their fate and/or their most famous featured band or star:

-- Congo Room of the Capitol, West 115th & Lenox Avenue, c. 1940

-- Bamville Club, 65 West 125th Street, c. 1920-1930 - Coleman Hawkins

-- The Plantation, West 126th near Lenox Avenue, c. 1930 - rivaled Cotton Club; Cab Calloway

-- Club Cabaret, 416 Lenox Avenue, c. 1923-25

-- Club Baron, 437 Lenox Avenue, c. 1940-46

  --Goldgraben's, I.G. Café, 439 Lenox Avenue, c. 1919-30;
Renamed Baron's Lounge - favorite hangout for musicians after work at other clubs

-- Elk's Rendezvous, 464 Lenox Avenue, c. 1930-45 - held social club dances

-- Club Harlem, West 130th & Lenox Avenue, c. 1927-29; Renamed Harlem Grill

-- Gee-Haw Stables, West 132nd Street between 7th & Lenox Avenue,
c. 1940-45;  an after-after-hours club later a gas station.

-- Lincoln Theatre, 58 West 135th Street, c. 1909-
installed a $10,000 Wurlitzer organ for Fats Waller; now the Metropolitan Church 

The Elk's Café, Lenox Avenue between West 137th and West 138th Streets, c. 1917-20

-- Capitol Palace, 575 Lenox Avenue, c. 1922-50 - now a playground

-- Brittwood Bar & Grill, 594 Lenox Avenue, c. 1932-42 - Willie Gant's Musical Maniacs;

-- Savoy Ballroom, 596 Lenox Avenue  140th - 141st .  From 1926 to 1958

-- Rhone's Orchestra Club, 625 Lenox Avenue, c. 1920-35 later Lenox Club, a.k.a. "The Breakfast Club"

-- Golden Gate Ballroom, Lenox & West 142nd Street, c. 1939-50 - luxurious ballroom

--The Cotton Club - 644
Lenox Avenue, corner of W. 142nd Street, 1918-1936


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