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An unusually engaging  visit to New York's many ethnic enclaves

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Next time you're in New York, I hope you'll let us take you on a customized tour to city's the deepest pockets of soul and fun.

For Instance:
Bowery Poetry Club
(where the musical, theatrical and poetic performances push the envelope daily);
Parlor Entertainment
(where Marjorie Eliot opens her Harlem home every weekend to anyone needing a shot of spiritual jazz);
Inwood Hill Park (where you can get lost on the hiking trails and see no one for hours and never leave Manhattan);
Hookah Bars in the East Village and Astoria, Queens where smoking still is permitted in these exotic cafes.

Gordon Polatnick's

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New York City Neighborhood Tours

Start off in Chinatown, where you can pick up a cheap, fake  Rolex watch

or do what I like to do:

    • Chinese Massage:

    I let a couple thousand years of tradition and expertise give me a neck and back massage, (or foot massage when my dogs start barking).

    • I Ching:

    When I'm perfectly relaxed I make a pilgrimage to the storefront Buddhist temple to pay my respects, and monitor my future by making a wish -- then dipping my hand into the fortune trough, and pulling out the answer to my destiny.

    • Rum Balls:

    Then I counter the effects of  a lousy fortune by visiting a Chinese bakery and sampling a chocolate rum ball or perhaps a thick, rich, red bean cake.  Since my fortune wasn't what I'd hoped, I buy a bag of  fortune cookies and have at it.

  Bargain Shopping on the Lower East Side

I like to then counter the effects of rum balls and bean cakes by walking down Canal Street over to the Lower East Side and noshing on a fresh garlicky sour pickle, or  a steamy potato knish.  You can take these treats for a stroll down the streets known as the Bargain District, shopping for deals as you go.


After all that snacking there's only one sure cure: So my next stop is at the Turkish Baths for an hour or so of steaming, shvitzing, splashing (or a "leaf-beating" massage called a platza).  The baths are a piece of authentic NY history which have survived unaffected for 100 years.

At this point, I'm al dente -- stewed to perfection, and ready to go...To Harlem. 



And I'm hungry again.   According to Duke Ellington there's only one way to get to Harlem: You must take the A train...I'll take that sound advice.

There are plenty of well known soul food restaurants in Harlem.  But there are only a handful worth visiting to get the real flavor of the neighborhood.   From southern fried chicken to mac and cheese, I know where to go to avoid the tourist traps.  And when my stomach is full and content once again, I head over to a local jazz club and bebop into the night.   It makes for a satisfying day in the city, and it couldn't happen anywhere else on earth.  Won't you join me?

This 8-hour tour is available for all sized groups.
The price is $250 per person and includes:

  • Services of a licensed private tour guide.
  • Snacking in Chinatown and the Lower East Side.
  • Massage in Chinatown.
  • Turkish Bath. ("Leaf beating" platza massage is extra).
  • Subways
  • Full Dinner in Harlem.
  • Jazz Club cover charge plus two drinks of  your choice.
  • Transportation downtown.

This tour begins in Chinatown at 3:00 pm and ends at your leisure.

Call or write to make reservations.  Questions are welcomed.
The tour can be nuanced to meet your particular needs and desires.


Gordon Polatnick

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NYC Jazz Tours
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